Records Retention

The University of Minnesota Duluth follows the system policy on records retention and student educational records. For more information please review the Administrative Policy for Managing University Records and Information

Our practice is to retain Student Conduct records for seven years*. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, suspensions, expulsions, and incomplete cases.

Release of conduct records may or may not require the student's authorization. For example, potential employers may request a student's conduct record prior to extending a job offer. In this case, the student's signature is required. Find out more about Background Checks

Students may submit a petition to have a student conduct record expunged (i.e. removed) early. The petition to expunge a record is a courtesy provided by the University of Minnesota Duluth and is not a requirement of law. UMD has no obligation to expunge a student's conduct record. Find out  more about Expungement


*NOTE: a procedural update occurred in Summer 2018, previous practice was five years after graduation or date of last attendance).