Bulldog Engagement Network

The Bulldog Engagement Network (BEN) supports students through incidents that are difficult or concerning to the campus community, but that do not constitute a violation of University policy. 

NOTE: BEN is not a disciplinary body and cannot impose discipline. Participation is not required in any aspect of BEN’s work.

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What happens when an incident is referred to BEN?

A trained Student Life staff member is selected to reach out to the student and offer an optional meeting. If this student opts to attend the meeting the staff member will share information about the reported concern, discuss the matter, and share their perspective. If the student does not opt to attend the meeting the staff member will send a second, and final, email with resources that the student might find beneficial.

What happens after a BEN meeting?

Following the meeting the staff member may provide the student with additional resources for support and to further their reflection and learning. Additional optional meetings may be scheduled.

No required sanctions or actions will be assigned. The student will not have a student conduct record of the incident.