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The Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution invites interested faculty and staff to be involved through the Student Hearing Panel and other opportunities. Interested faculty and staff should contact OSCCR for more information. 

Student Hearing Panel (faculty/staff/students)

The Student Hearing Panel (SHP) is UMD’s formal hearing body. Volunteer members are trained in hearing procedures, student rights, civil rights, cultural competency, bias training, effective questioning, trauma informed interviewing, sanction practices, restorative justice, and more. Panel members who will hear Sexual Misconduct cases are required to complete additional training. When a formal hearing is requested, OSCCR polls the SHP to assess their availability to serve in a formal hearing. Panel members are assigned to cases with a goal of diversity of identities and University roles (faculty, staff or student). Panel members are able to recuse themselves should there be a conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest. While we cannot be sure how many cases will go to a Formal Hearing in a given year, on average SHP members will hear 0-2 cases per year, depending on schedule alignment. The commitment length is 1 year but many members will stay on for longer. 

More information on the Student Hearing Panel

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